Laundry Lists Workbook group

Have you completed the Yellow Workbook? Was it revolutionary in your life?

The Laundry Lists workbook describes the “flip” sides of the Laundry List traits and helps you identify and reflect on the ways in which you may have taken on these attributes and may have impacted others. You have an opportunity to join an existing group of fellow-travelers working the Laundry Lists Workbook. Participate and get a fuller picture of how you were affected by alcoholism and family dysfunction.

We meet on the fourth Saturday of every month at 11 am at the Bloomington Alano club located at 2062 W 98th St, Minneapolis, MN 55431. We will work through all 14 Laundry List traits from the perspective of the trait, the other side of the trait, and what recovery would look like. You must have completed the Yellowbook to join. We ask that you act quickly – our October meeting will go through the exercises for trait one.

Contact Brent at if you are interested.