New ACA Yellow Workbook Group Forming for 2021

When: 4th Saturday of each month, 11am-1pm, beginning Feb 27th, 2021

ACA member Brent O is setting up an ACA Yellow Book 12 step Zoom group to do the 12 steps from the ACA yellow work book.  It will be a once-a-month meeting with the whole group, and a once-a-month meeting with a fellow traveler for each member to share our answers, one to one, before the whole group gets together for study and sharing. 

You will meet with your fellow traveler at any day and time you agree on. 

If you have interest in joining this new group please reply to the email below indicating your interest and any questions you may have- with Yellowbook meeting in the subject line—to:

 brent_olson at msn dot com 

If you know of anyone who is interested in joining the group please share this link with them.