Purchasing Books

aca red book

ACA Big Red Book (Main Fellowship Text)

Meditation Book

Strengthening My Recovery (Daily Meditation Book)

Laundry List Workbook

The Laundry Lists Workbook ( Advanced Workbook)

aca yellow workbook

ACA 12 Step Workbook (Yellow Book)

You can buy books at the ACA World Service Organization (WSO)  website (Pay for your own postage)


If you have a Kindle or Nook, you can download the Red book for $9.99 (but the page numbers are different).


NEW! Amazon now sells ACA WSO literature directly. The Big Red Book, The 12-Step Yellow Workbook, Strengthening My Recovery Daily Meditation Book, The Loving Parent Guidebook, and The Laundry Lists Workbook are available.


Minnesota ACA Intergroup provides the following books for purchase (CASH only please):

  • Big Red Book ($15)
  • Yellow Steps Workbook ($10)
  • Laundry List Workbook ($12)
  • Meditation Book ($10)
  • Loving Parent Guidebook ($14)

If you would like to purchase books, please go to the Cavalier Club West Alano shortly before or after the regular ACA meeting times:

  • Sunday meeting 11:15 to 12:45 or Tuesday meeting 6:00 to 7:30
  • LOCATION: 7179 S Washington Ave, Edina
    (Building located on corner of Hwy 169 and Valley View. Take first exit north of 494. Go to side of building facing 169)

Usually there is someone at the meeting able to help you with book sales. You can just show up, or email minnesotaaca@gmail.com to to verify that someone will be available to help with book sales. It is possible to arrange for a different time for book sales. Please email minnesotaaca@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Minnesota Intergroup works on a shoestring budget funded exclusively by contributions from individual groups. We make the books available at the lowest possible cost.

Any donations to assist Minnesota ACA Intergroup in continuing to keep costs down and are greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent to:

Minnesota ACA Intergroup, c/o Cavalier Club, 7179 S Washington Ave, Edina, MN 55439

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