Starting a Yellow Book Group

Thinking about starting a Yellow Book group but not sure if you’re ready or need more help? Below are resources to help you start a meeting from guidelines to a panel discussion that was recorded in January 2024.

View and download a suggested 21 week syllabus for a Yellow Book Meeting.

Listen to or download a panel discussion from 3 previous Yellow Book group facilitators on different ways they have run Yellow Book Meetings, held by Intergroup on January 2024.

Here are some written suggestions that came from someone who’s been in ACA many years and has gone through the Yellow Book with people many times

  • Review and read the questions then answer them together as a group. This tends to be a very lengthy process given the dialogs that arise from the content.
  • Some groups meet every other week, read through the questions with the intent of getting through one step per month, with the exception fo the 4th step.
  • Group meets once a month. They will meet with their Fellow Travelers in the group during that month at some point. When the group gathers once a month they discuss what stood out for them but do not go through each individual question. This tends to be a 16-month group commitment, one month per step, and four months for Step Four.
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